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May 27, 2023

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A little story

One day i got tired of creating e-mail addresses for multiple subscription websites and many other specific tasks, I had created so many G-mail accounts that I could not keep track of all, I ended up forgetting the passwords created to the point that I was not able to recover the accounts since I changed my phone number.

It was a big problem, to fix the issue I started looking for email services but none of them fitted my specific needs. My goal was to find or create a tool that was easy to use and little time consuming to execute everyday tasks, going into deeper research I found a fantastic way that worked as I wanted but was not available for the regular user, it was limited to hosting owners and that’s how was created.

It started just for my personal use but it worked wonders so I shared it with friends and family. Since it is very simple and useful, I thought many people could benefit as well. It will definitely save a lot of time managing multiple e-mail accounts.

For me, is just a Must Have!


It’s an e-mail forwarding service with your customized alias that allows you to create unlimited e-mail addresses on the spot without further configuration. This service is useful for any business or individual user.

examples for business owners:

examples as an individual user:

How it works

I use to create receiving email address on the fly.

Lets say I want to sign up at I simple make up an email on the fly just by typing as follow (no further e-mail set up needed): or or

myALIAS is any name of your choice when you sign up for this service . It can be as short as 3 characters.

Side note: Use this code to save 20%: EB20 )

Now you can make up any email address just by putting any word in front of – And any email sent to that address will be redirected/forwarded to a single email address. (eg: your gmail main email).

Also, if you create filters in your gmail account(or your current email client) believe me, it will make your life just simpler.

In this case, for all email addresses created for this post, I did create a filter on my gmail to delete any email sent to those emails, since the bots will catch them from this website.

Other Uses

I have met with many people that says they use the same password on multiple accounts. That is a NO NO NO. On top of that, they use the same email account. It is just way easier for someone to hack into your accounts or create fishing attacks on you. If you use the same email for most of your thing online, EmailBin service can be as an extra security measurement for providing you unique emails for each of your online accounts.

(Side Note: does NOT read/keep/sensor or temporally store ANY email. All emails are redirected outright)

Short story: Some time ago, I was helping my friend to sing up on a website he wanted to join. The website sent him an email with the username and password in plain English, I immediately asked him if he has ever used that password before and he just replied “I use that password in multiple sites” Then I ask again, what about the email? He just replied “That is the only email I use all the time

Dear reader, can you see what’s the big problem with this? That website could automatically gain access to multiple of his online accounts not related to the website itself.

One more thing…

As I mentioned in our About page, we create projects and products that are useful for ourselves, We don’t mind making a couple of bucks out of them while we benefit others and let others make money as well.

Good deal: After you sign up for EmailBin email service, Submit a support ticket and point us to this post and we will upgrade your Titan’s account to receive 75% recurring commissions per referral of this product. You can offset your own cost with a couple of referrals or you can make out of this another source of passive income.

Thanks for reading my post and have a great day/night! ~ Mike

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