List up to 3 Forums on ForumRace home page

List up to 3 Forums on ForumRace home page
List Your (xenforo) Forums on ForumRace home page showing Real-Time Stats

Boost your forum's visibility by listing it on with a simple API connection. Attract more members, enhance your branding, and give your logo more exposure. Subscribe now and watch your community thrive with exciting contests for your users that drive even more exposure and activity!
- You can add up to 3 forums with this subscription.
- You can pay up to 90% in MicroLikes for this subscription(example: $2.50/month plus 2,250 MicroLikes/month) after your first full payment in USD
- We include one(1) of your forums at a time in our monthly posting contests.
- By purchasing this subscription qualifies you to earn 50% monthly recurring commissions by referring this product.
- We have the right to reject your entry/forum on our project(s).

$25.00 for each month
How to generate your API key, go here

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